The dramatic painful beauty of the original vs the aggressive powerful cover, beautiful almost as the original

Kim Wilde 1981 

cover by  Continua a leggere “Cambodia”


Burning Girl (Original Mix)

#EDM – Kaltana ft. Funkydude


Burning Girl is an original special edm track that reminds the old school sound mixed with electronic and Trance music atmosphere.

It’s a well done fusion experiment, a new look on the music contaminations and on its borders constantly moving.

The sensation which reach us is a mix of edm fresh sounds and a New Romantic retro taste, enjoyable for every age.

The cover design is an original shot taken in Lanzarote, reworked by Kaltana.


let’s Trance


Trance isn’t based on BPM. Trance is based on melodies and emotions. In lots of today’s trance music, I don’t hear the same depth it had 15 years ago.

Continua a leggere “let’s Trance”